Corruption Pack 2

  • descriptionDescription

    A True Corruption Ascender


    1 New Transformation

    Ascended Corruption (Uses your Lazybones SS4 Hair)

    4 New Super Skills

    Corrupt Burst Kamehameha

    Corrupt Galick Gun

    Corrupt Raid Blast

    Corrupt Blazing Attack

    3 New Ultimate Skills

    Corrupt Godly Display

    Corrupt Bomb

    Corrupt Spirit Sword


    Corruption Pack 1 Can Be Downloaded Here



    Since These Packs Seem To Be My Best Mods I Plan On Starting On A Corruption Pack 3 once this hits 300 downloads! It will most likely be the last corruption pack but I already have a few ideas for a pack like this.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Install The Mods and Run The Aura Installer For The Transformation (along with opening the read me)

  • event_noteChangelog


    Uploaded Mod To Site

    Like Corruption Pack 1 Skill Sounds Will Come After This Is Approved


    Added Sounds

    Fixed A Part Of Corrupt Burst Kamehameha That Was Blue Instead Of Black