Cosmetic Skills Pack 4 – Future Gohan

  • descriptionDescription

    Here is the 4th Cosmetic Skills Pack! All 22 of the skills in this pack are new variations of Future Gohan's skills. As the title implies, the skill changes featured are purely cosmetic and will not change the skill in any way.

    Every skill in this pack works correctly with little error. There is an additional version of each One-Handed Kamehameha that has had the starting animation sped up fairly significantly so that the move is actually viable. This feature is purely optional and you do not need to use it if you don't wish.

    Future Gohan's evasive skill, Energy Dome, was not included in this pack as there was no way to retexture it so that the skill actually had a change in colour and looked good.

    The next character currently planned for Cosmetic Skill Pack 5 is Future Trunks (DBZ). From here on out, I will be starting from the beginning of the roster and moving forward from there to make organizing these packs significantly easier.

    Please feel free to suggest other mods/skills you wish to see! I'm always open to suggestions!

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Pick and choose which X2M skill you wish to use, then purchase at the Skill Shop for 1 Zeni.

  • event_noteChangelog

    V1.0: Release