Cpk Browser (View and Extract Files)

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    A program to view the contents of a CPK file, you can then extract all contents or a specific file / specific folder.

    Usage :

    click on "Open CPK" or go to File -> Open CPK and select a CPK file

    go to Settings menu  -> Small Icon View or Settings menu  ->  Large Icon View to change the current view

    go to Tools -> Extract All to extract all files from the cpk to the extraction path

    To extract specific file / specific folder :

    go to the file view (right panel), right-click on a file/folder and simply click "Extract".

    you can also select multiable files at once


    Special Settings:

    some games have special settings, such as Heroes having some encrypted files. for that, go to the Settings menu and enable "Heroes Decrypt"

  • event_note Changelog

    v5.0.2 :-

    Now the tool can detect if a file is encrypted or not (when turning on Heroes Decrypt) to check if it needs decrypting.

    v5.0.1 :-

    a tiny update to fix some files not getting decrypted properly

    v5.0 :-

    added support for decrypting "Super Dragon Ball Heroes : World Mission" Assets.

    credits to ThievingSix for breaking the encryption


    after adding the "ttl" folder to data1.cpk some files get extracted incorrectly, this update fixes that


    add an extensive search option : Search Options-> Full Search

    will search all the cpk for desired file


    fixed more bugs..


    fixed an issue with Dokkan assests

    v3 :-

    fixed some bugs

    added a 'back' button

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