Cunny Mischief (My Character)

  • descriptionDescription

    This is one of the characters i use, i didn't think about publishing one, but in the end, i did.

    All of her moves are supposed to annoy, hurt and describe her as a literal sadist, non-caregiver if she makes someone cry or totally rip off their style.

    She is basically the saiyan version of Frieza.

    (All her costumes are based off characters and named after words that describe Mischievous)


    You're Gonna need these mods too:

    The sharp teeth are now part of the x2m

    The moveset should be pre-installed in the character now, but i'm not exactly sure.

    Update: You're gonna need to use the installer from lazybone new transformation mod, if you want you can install other transformation for your character, they're great to be honest. (this is because i realized that some transformations use these animation, if you already have it, good for you)

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    The Character is installed like any x2m aswell as the moveset, the only problem about the moveset is that every female saiyan is going to have it. As for the data folders you find in the links, they're quite easy to install, you probably already know so i won't bother you with the explanation.