Custom EQ: Turning the Tables, AKA Play as the Expert Mission Boss

  • description Description

    This time I made a "Quest" where I switch out the Expert Boss and put you as the enemy, it's pretty hard to explain but it goes something like this, pick your character [any character] enter the fight, when you enter all your "allies" will automatically start targeting and attacking you, the reason for this? It's simple you're the expert mission boss this time, this quest was specially coded by automatically giving you the essentials to destroy: Brainwash Attack [Which Works], Marbling Drop and Peeler Storm, Maximum Charge and some Ultimates and Evasive,

    This quest hard-codes attacks onto your character, so you can play as anybody and have the same attacks, EX: play as a saibaman and possess the whole enemy team by making them your "minions". No matter what this quest will give you all the Boss Attacks you need, the objective is too Kill or Possess the whole Enemy Team and you lose by getting YOUR Health Depleted, when you "Win" it will say failed but I can't fix that, and when you "lose" the game will hang but just go back to the CSS or quit. Also as a bonus I changed the mission objectives around to give this quest some more flavor.

    P.S. All X2M's and Awakening Skills [including X2M's] are allowed inside of this quest.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • Open RaR file
    • Open your Xenoverse 2 directory
    • Make sure the latest Xv2 patcher by eternity IS installed
    • create a folder called data [if its not already there]
    • Click inside the RaR file
    • Open up data folder inside the RaR file
    • Drag folder Quest and Msg into the data folder inside your directory [REPLACE IF NEEDED!!!]
    • Done
  • event_note Changelog