Custom Expert Mission: Super Fierce Battle Boss Rush 3

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    The newest stage of my boss rush is here this time updated for the new DLC 5 but this isn't the same as the previous boss rushes this time you have no allies to back you up its up to you and your skill too take down six formidable bosses. Inside of this quest you may be your own worst enemy being because at certain intervals you will fight a clone of yourself, so if you go as the most OP mod out there, you will fight that mod in this quest. Also all X2M's ARE allowed inside of this quest and before you complain, this is NOT impossible to complete requires a HUGE amount of skill if you go as a vanilla/non-healer or non-op character. Also I removed ALL instances of auto-dodge auto-guard marbling drop and peeler storm from this quest. P.S. 5 of the 6 enemies were shown in this video.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • Open RaR file
    • Open your Xenoverse 2 directory
    • Make sure the latest Xv2 patcher by eternity IS installed
    • create a folder called data [if its not already there]
    • Click inside the RaR file
    • Open up data folder inside the RaR file
    • Drag folder Quest Msg and Ui into the data folder inside your directory [REPLACE IF NEEDED!!!]
    • Done
  • event_note Changelog

    1: -Release 1.01: -SSGSS Vegeta is now a Time Distorter -Quest outline is fixed. [Now displays all characters] -Fixed a potential GAME BREAKING Bug. -Made the mission even harder.


    -Fixed the Quest Name

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