Custom PQ – A Tragedy-Fueled Rampage, Hold Out Hope For Fusion!

  • description Description

    Annddddd I have finally updated this quest after about 6/7 months. I hope you all enjoy, this took a lot of time and work. Give me any type of feedback in the comments below. PP GANG.

    This quest is based off of the final battle of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Fight with Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza to defeat Broly. With Goku and Vegeta leaving the battlefield to learn the fusion technique, you have to stay and fight with Frieza.


    (Small update will come shortly for some bug fixes and transformable characters)

    Credits (Specific credits in the credits.txt file):






    GamerChief & Xero


    Goky & The Revamp Team

    Gucci King/Debit-Man





    Yami no Tenshi

    The Citadel



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  • speaker_notes Installation

    Installation process:

    1 - Install ALL CHARACTER X2MS in the "1. Characters" folder.

    2 - Run the Cutscenes Installer and then the DBS Broly Installer in the "2. Installers" folder.

    3 - After installing the characters and installers you can now install the quest itself in the "3. Quest" folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 - Release

    1.1 - New Portraits

    Fixed SSB Aura

    1.2 -

    New Characters

    New Dialogue

    Revamped Fusion Cutscene

    New Cutscene

    All Forms of Goku/Vegeta/Gogeta added

    Gamerchief's Broly added

    New Music

    Harder Difficulty

    New Portraits