Custom PQ: Judgement Day

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    Hello my friends, this one took a bit to make due to me using a different method to code the whole thing. It took a bit but its finished. Enough about that, about the mission itself you can pick a character and 1 ally as I preset the second ally to your Xv1 CAC. Something about the XV1 CAC is it has increased stats higher than every vanilla character. They have around 7 bars of health along with increased attack and defense. There is no way to attempt this quest without them. Now you fight 15 Enemies inside (including ultimate finish which is now GUARANTEED). It gets harder and harder and harder as you keep going forward. (unless you mod) The TRUE victory is when you attain the Ultimate Finish Victory.  It is possible it was almost done inside the video itself with no X2M's. That's about it, and two more things. THIS QUEST WAS DESIGNED TO BE DIFFICULT. And MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EXTRA PACK 2 OR ELSE THE QUEST WILL NOT SHOW UP.



    p.s: Uninstall all X2M stage mods if you want to use my STAGE01.emb which is recommended for best experience but not required, after you install my mod reinstall the X2M stage mods after.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • Open RaR file
    • Open your Xenoverse 2 directory
    • Make sure the latest Xv2 patcher by eternity IS installed
    • create a folder called data [if its not already there]
    • Click inside the RaR file
    • Open the selected difficulty folder
    • Drag folder Quest and Msg,sound and ui into the data folder inside your directory [REPLACE IF NEEDED!!!]
    • Done
  • event_note Changelog
    • Updated Forum Page  [7/4/18]



    -Fixed a Potential Major GAME-BREAKING bug.

    [If not fixed for some reason I will get to it eventually.]


    -Fixed Progression bug in Quiet Battle -Fixed Mentor's spawning in Distorted Renaissance -Fixed Fusion Fighter Fiasco's QP

    -Fixed The Revival Epidemic's QP

    2.02: -Battle of the Century default difficulty is now VARIATION. -Fixed Total Chaos! Pinnacle of Insurgence.

    3: -Fixed Battle of the Century Rewards -Fixed Distorted Renaissance Rewards

    -Mod now uses the same name format as older mods

    - Thread:

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