Cyber Visors for Humans/Saiyans, Men and Women

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    Well, I've made this one from scratch at one night where I supposed to study hard but I was so bored and tired that I decided to model something on Blender and this came off. After 3 sleepy hours I finished it. Made it based on some cyberpunk visors and googles I've saw on google images. I took long to finish the small details because I was being lazy and thinking if I should continue it or not. Also was in doubt if it would be worthy posting. I've shared it with some friends and they loved it! And this made up my mind. I will try to post more of my stuffs here for now on.

    Anyway, got to thanks my friends for the opinions and encouragements, mostly because sometimes I put my doomglasses when depression hits me and lose my motivations and hopes to do anything. Special thanks to: Zaiko_Chen(Green guy on the print), and Gh0st(that cute saiyan girl oc and the dude with a sword)for getting the pictures and letting their characters to be "models" for this, ใ€ŒKuronใ€(acessories menu), S๐—ผ๐—บ๐—ฒ๐–”๐–“๐–Šโ‘ ย for emotional support, tips and attention and Yami, also for tips and attention(I may had abused from their patience by talking a lot)

    Soon I will update it for the Buu girls(they deserve it) and probably the big boys too. And probably a silver variation. And perhaps do for those big ear namekian ones and big head frieza guys.(I kinda tried at first but didn't liked the result). It will depend on the demand since it's rare to see cacs of these races too.

    Unfortunately I don't know a good way of making these colorable with it's own slots. So I made the following variations:

    Come with the following neon colors: Pink, Red, Blue, Orange, Green and Yellow And the visor colors: white, black and vinyl. All of it separated into different .x2m files.

    You can find these people I mentioned and my server, where I will use to post my stuff from now on and chitchat(with some shitpost perhaps) here: (And there I ask for creative suggestions) If possible, report bugs there too. Faster for me to read about it.

    Demonstration video here:



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    The usual: x2m installer.

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