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  • speaker_notes Installation

    Simply drop the Chara folder found in the .rar into your Data folder and overwrite if necessary.

    Color variations can be found in Optional folder.

    There is a W.I.P folder with Characters that aren't fully ready for release if you would like to try them.


  • event_note Changelog


    Tweaked Jiren, Nappa, and Raditiz


    Added Jiren


    Added Nappa


    Added Raditiz


    Added Twitter Link for those who may want to see previews for upcoming releases

    Reconfigured contents of .rar

    Reworked Installation Section


    Just made links in Description Clickable

    Small Update coming very soon

    V 0.1.2

    Added Super Baby Vegeta (2 Variations)

    Reworked Teeth & Tongue Colors (Example in the new title image)

    Uploaded Edited title image

    Edited Installation Section

    V 0.1.1

    Added SSG Goku

    Fixed wrong eye textures

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