DBS Base Broly CAC Hair

  • description Description

    Dragon Ball Super - Base Broly Hair for your custom character :)

    For Saiyan / Earthling males.


    Mesh made & Provided by Fireman123

    For his own DBS Broly Character Mod found HERE

    (Permission to use was given.)

    Huge thanks & all credit should go to him.



  • speaker_notes Installation

    NOTICE: By default hair will replace 'hair 1' in-game, to replace a different hair, rename the '000' in the file names to '001' (hair 2), '002' (hair 3)... etc


    1. Drag all 4 files into '/DB Xenoverse 2/data/chara/HUM/'
    2. Done.


    Let me know if you find any issues.