DB’s Cel-Shaders Type 2

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    My 2nd Shader overhaul. This one aims to keep things a little closer to vanilla, but with the same sharp cel-shading style of my first pack. I spent a great deal more time on this one than my first pack making sure to fix some issues such as skill lighting not showing on characters, stage enviromnent/rimlighting, and getting the shaders to work inside the lobby!

    This mod comes with 3 versions to choose from, 100% Rimlight, 50% rimlight, and 0% rimlight. Just choose the version you want based on the screenshots above.

    What this isn't: A Reshade preset or a reshading texture pack that edits DYTs.

    What this is: A mod that edits and replaces the actual pixel shaders used by the game.

    This mod doesn't edit any character files or textures at all, only the shaders used by the game. Because I edited the very pixel shaders the game uses to render characters, this mod should work fine on almost every character and clothing mod made for xv2. some exceptions may include character/clothing with already smooth texture shading (H-Graphics for example). Another nice thing about editing the shaders directly is unlike a reshade preset there isn't any kind of performance impact at all! Your game will run the same as it did before.

    Special thanks to My friends Leon, Grinns, and Rokaje for helping me test and Atsuraelu for helping finding the tools to make this possible in the first place!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Install the X2M you want with Eternity's mod installer.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 - Initial release

    1.1 - A new thicker outline option added for the 3 rimlight types. See last for screens for how it looks.

    1.2 - Fixed glowing/glare materials not working properly, such as supervillain eyes.

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