DBS Trunks Alternate Look (Ponytail)

  • descriptionDescription

    What if: Future Trunks actually kept his bad ass ponytail and his ripped jacket  from the non canon movies, and got a new Sword to replicate the Z-Sword?! Not to mention, this sword becomes a Ki Sword when in Ultra Super Saiyan (Supressed) form. 

    Keep in mind, this is my first mos I've ever made myself, so bare with me for the hair problems. (Lots of struggling in Blender!) But I really did try hard for this one, so I hope you like it.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    XV2 Installer

  • event_noteChangelog

    Fix The hair problems (Very noticable)

    V1: Release

    V2: Added Vanilla Shading