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    This is a tool to change aura colors and color of specific character aura.

    Its also can edit the skill of  of every character (Except CaC because they are stored in the sav file)

    Now Supports  8 Added slots with 5 costumes (a tutorial with how to add extra slots/ costume will be added)

    Super Soul Editing

    Stats Editng

    all tutorials are on my youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCi-gPRFM5ChRhOccm9s2TA

    Thanks to spectredan1 and ahmedcherif436 for majority hex ID

    Thanks to mugenAttack for let me use his msg editor code as reference, it let quickly figure out how to save msg files properly

    For backlog of old versions at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B15Iu0ARGPrsdHV3WjY3RV9aMkU?pageId=101072007366334718460


    If u like my mod and wanna support it donate

  • speaker_notes Installation

    open the exe and open aur file with open aur file on the aura tab and press aura setup

    then use to edit any cus file or the aur file from the data folder

  • event_note Changelog

    v1.0.0 initial release

    v1.0.1 fix Vegeta Whis Battle Suit

    fix Future Trunks (Super) miss skill which cause crash on get skill

    fix Bardock Battle suit 4 and added masked sayin

    added CaC awokens

    v1.1.0 basic super soul editing can change stat boost and activation condtions

    v1.1.1 fully supports super soul editing

    v1.1.2 added support for 8 added slots (a tutorial for how to add  extra slots/ costumes will be added)

    able to add super souls in the shop blank or other wise. (simply set the price to anything between

    0 - 65535

    v1.2.0 Stats tab (PSC editor)

    v1.2.1 Great Apes

    add Cabba, Frost, Hit(Awoken)

    fix super soul bug where revive speed, damage taken basic attack and kiblast save icorrectly

    fix blank ki blast type defaulting to character type

    for blank souls use IDB ID# ab and above because rest are missing in idb files ill add a button to add soon them

    v1.2.2 fix Super Soul Ki and Ki blast bug

    add version for windows 7

    add missing idb data after frost data

    added small buu and sabaimans

    added different build choices for psc editor

    v1.2.4 update msg editor for super soul now saves properly plus also supports all languages which use letters from english alphabet including spanish and french

    v1.2.5 aura setup big fix and mesg editor bug fix

    v1.2.7 detects if character info is not found

    v1.2.8 fix get aur bug

    v1.2.9 added set all stats feature


    v1.4.0 added costume tab which edits costume stats

    v1.4.1 added ssr aura (bandai had the color in file)

    v1.4.2 added price edit costume tab (appears in shop if price > 1)

    v1.4.3 DLC 3 update: added new character, moves and supersoul info to there respective ini

    v1.4.4 psc conversion bug fix

    v1.4.6 super soul fix

    v1.4.7/v1.4.8 get aura fix

    v1.4.9 Ini updater added (currently only supports skill ini's )

    v1.5.0 DLC 4 update: added new character, moves and supersoul info to there respective ini

    1.5.1 get aura bug fix


    1.5.3 get skill bug fix

    1.5.4 get stat bug fix

    1.5.5 ini updater now updates aura ini

    1.5.6 Extra pack 1

    1.5.7 Extra pack 2

    1.6.0 overhauled msg system with code from XV2Lib by mugenattack msg now read and saves any language properly

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