DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Soundtrack For XV2

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    What this mod does: Replaces the Opening, Conton City, and Battle BGM Tracks in XV2 with the entire soundtrack from good ol BT2.

    (The battle tracks also change the PQ and Expert Mission tracks. As for the Time Nest and Cutscene music, those tracks are left untouched so you're gonna hear some base game music here and there.)

    I've also included 3 songs of  my own choosing to fill a couple gaps in the Battle BGM tracks and to avoid reusing too many of the BT2 tracks. Yes I had to reuse some but it's really only between the City and Battle tracks and shouldn't be too noticeable.

    I did my best to go through the base game tracks and replace the songs in a way that fits the scenarios they'd be used it so things shouldn't feel out of place really but I only tested a couple PQ's and a bit of one story mission so there's bound to be something that doesn't fit.

    Also it should be noted that since the runtimes aren't identical to the base game, you will hear the tracks if they pause to loop or if you're say doing a quest and KO'ing characters. Definitely noticeable but it's not really much of an issue, just wanted to make sure it wouldn't be mistaken as a bug.

    The tracklist won't be put here as for the most part what you're seeing in the title is what you're getting, there is a .txt file included however with the tracks being replaced and what they're replaced with.

    The credits are also included in this file as well, with some links included to preview all the songs.

    I really only made this out of my own desire to have the BT2 OST in Xenoverse 2 as there weren't a lot of base game tracks I particularly enjoyed aside from the Room of Spirit and Time one. I have seen others who wanted a BT2 replacer though (while finding other soundtrack mods to use in place of the base game OST) so I figured I'd upload it for everyone to use and enjoy, just don't be too harsh on me if something isn't right as this is my first attempt at making any sorta mod. If you wanna use it in any other mod or video whatever, just make sure you link back to this page please.

    I won't say to credit me as I have made nothing in relation to the songs used, all the songs and whatever copyrights they may or may not have belong to their respective owners. All I did was add them into XV2 using Eternity's Audio Tool. (http://animegamemods.net/thread/701/tools-eternity)

    Compatibility: Should work with basically every mod so long as they don't alter the added CAR_BGM.acb or CAR_BGM.awb  files under data/sound/BGM

    If they do alter these files then you will not hear the tracks added by this mod. If this happens, it can be likely fixed by simply re-adding this mod and overwriting  the files mentioned above.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Step 1: Unzip

    Step 2: Drag and drop the data folder like usual.

    Step 3: Kick back and enjoy.

    (May wanna tweak your games audio settings a tad just to balance things out in case you have a situation like I did. [Where all the volume levels in game were maxed and clashes/other SFX caused literal ear-rape overpowering everything else.]

    I recommend using max Voice and Music levels. With 2 or 3 on the SFX levels as the sound effects can be really loud and intrusive with everything else going on. Levels 2 to 3 is a nice sweet spot where the sound effects are still audible but not so loud that everything else going on is overpowered by the sound of clashes and other things allowing all the sounds to mix together nice and somewhat evenly.)

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    V1.0 Release

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