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    Here my new updated version of my Outfit.

    It colorable for most parts of the outfit, except the golden part of the skullbelt and the shoulder armor. If you want to make them colorable too, than you'll have to make it yourself.

    Also for now there will be only the 3 tailed version with normal ssj color after transforming. I will do the non-changing tail and the other ssj colors later in future updates of this mod. The updates will be first uploaded on my patreon first and than here so if you like please go there and maybe support me on my journey. Click the LINK

    Also i got some report from testers that the armor might cause a bug that you will clip through conton city , but that can be fixed by un-equip and re-equip the armor again. 

    Credits to:

    Eternity, Akira Toriyama ,  Dimps and Bandai Namco Entertainment etc. for the game and the tools.


    P.S: If anything is wrong, not working or else please write it in the comments ! Do not give bad ratings and comment because you don't like cac mods! At least give constructive criticism so i know what i did wrong or i can improve on!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Use the x2m-installer

  • event_note Changelog

    V1: released for public

    Future Updates are :

    Non-Changing, SSR, SSJL, SSB and SSG colors for Tail (    )

    Non Tailed, One-Tailed, Two-Tailed version  (    )

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