Demon God of Destruction Beerus (Evil MUI) + Trasf. Rage 100%

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    Hi Guys!

    This is my new mod for xenoverse 2.

    The moveset of this character for some people may not like it (Also because it is the first time I try to change the Moveset), If you have something to say regarding the moveset do it with the utmost respect! Thanks!


    • SUPER:
    1. Multi Hakai (Heavenly Arrow recolored)
    2. Meteor Crash
    3. Hakai (God Splitter Recoloured)
    4. Surging Spirit
    1. Supernova of Destruction (Supernova Cooler Recoloured)
    2. Demon Godly Display (Godly Display Recoloured)
    • Evasive
    1. Demon Barrier (Energy Barrier Recoloured)
    • Awaken
    1. Rage 100% (Increase Ki,ATK,Basic Ki Attack,STR,BLA and Speed)

    Hope you enjoy!

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