Demon Outfit(x2m) and Update to Demongod Awoken Skill for Saiyan

  • descriptionDescription

    So after a long time finally i have an update to my previous mod "Demongod".

    By transforming you get these awesome tattoos.

    Update: I had to edit some thing because for some of you it had a bug but now it should load normaly. Now i edit it again and if it still gives you the loading screen of doom than its something with other mods because it works for me and everyone of my friends. Also i had to remove the shirt because it was actually a mod that Tryzick created and i accidently used it without knowing it. 

    Update: Well after hours of re-doing the whole outfit i finally made it and it should not have any bug that will trigger the infinite loading screen. If it happens its one of your mods not mine xD. I edit a new undershirt in it and im sure its not a copy i made sure of it by making it by myself. Also beside the new tattoo on the back i added spikes that comes from your elbows (like Omega Shenron or Retry ;D)

    Also i put the hair i personnaly use . The stage 1 hair isn't original from me i just took the hair from the "Gotama Mod" and adjusted it to the Cac. 

    If there are any bugs please comment below i will really appreciate that.

    The Shop Version is also included but now its not colorable. Sorry!


    Credits to:

    Gurlok for his help with the textures and the new Tattoo.

    MajinPetrosk for his design , thanks man. 

    Mo4ing3bfx for the Gotama Hair i used in the first stage of the Transformation.

    Also Credits to:

    Eternity, Akira Toriyama ,  Dimps and Bandai Namco Entertainment etc. for the game and the tools.


    P.S: If anything is wrong, not working or else please write it in the comments ! Do not give bad ratings and comment because you don't like cac mods! At least give constructive criticism so i know what i did wrong or i can improve on!



  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Eternity's XV2 Installer for the Skill.

    It is really easy !

  • event_noteChangelog

    V1: Update Demongod Transformation and the Outfit (Shop)

    V2: Fix the bug with the endless loading screen

    V3: Edit in the first stage you will have the gotama hair and in stage 2 you will get my two tone hairstyle

    V4: New Tattoo on the back and spikes on the elbows.