Destroying the Limit Pack (12 Characters + New Transformations)

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    Destroy your limits with this all new 10 character pack!

    The story takes place after Super and GT. New enemies have appeared and it's up to the new generation of Z-fighters to combat this new threat.

    Continue from where you last left off with Goten and Trunks. Goten has discovered a dormant Rage deep inside him and pulled it's power out, combined with Trunks' Blue power perhaps they can make a new power in Gotenks. Vegeta has overcome his corrupted heart and has been reborn as a new Super Saiyan God with it's power far surpassing that of a Super Saiyan Blue. Gohan's unleashed potential has seemingly been opened once again by his SSJ4, now he's able to tap into power far deeper inside of him. Beerus has been dethroned as a Destroyer and must be forced to deal with mortal life once again after a long time.

    Goku Black has seemingly returned from the void of Trunks' future after it's erasure. His power has skyrocketed and this time he's no longer playing games, he intends to completely eradicate all of mortal life from the Universe. Starting with Son Goku and his brats. Enlisting the help of counterparts from other timelines he finds himself feeling much more confident in his victory.

    Within an alternate timeline unknown to anybody, Gohan's future counterpart comes from a portal created the Jade Time Ring. His body controlled by the Zamasu of that timeline, Zamasu has found a way to even corrupt Gohan's abyss of power into his own demented version. With Zamasu at the helm, Future Gohan's divinity has been unleashed

    Coming from yet another altered timeline, another version of Goku Black comes forth. This version under the control of the parasitic organism Baby. His hate of mortals and Saiyans has increased his power tremendously. Using the Saiyan body of Goku, Baby is able corrupt Goku's Super Saiyan evolution into a twisted white version of it's golden glory. A mutated Tufflized Super Saiyan.

    A strange void has opened above Dende's lookout, coming from it is a mysterious human boy. A broken infinity symbol adorns his chest and back. But who is he and why has Trunks come back with a strange outfit, he's much weaker as well. Where did this boy originate from and what could he have done to have Future Trunks hunting him down? Something is a foot, and Trunks knows what's going on, but why won't he tell everyone?

    This pack features 12 characters, all with their own unique story and transformations

    Gohan (Super Saiyan 4 - Unleashed Super Saiyan 4)

    Goten (Base - Super Saiyan - Super Saiyan 2 - Super Saiyan Rage)

    Gotenks (Super Saiyan Rage Blue)

    Xeno Trunks (Base - Super Saiyan - Super Saiyan 2 - Strengthened Super Saiyan 2)

    Vegeta (Rebirth Super Saiyan God)

    Mortal Beerus

    Goku Black (Base - Super Saiyan - Super Saiyan Rose

    Goku Black (Ultra Instinct)

    Gohan Black (Base - Super Saiyan - Divinity Unleashed)

    Baby Goku Black (Tufflized Super Saiyan - Tufflized Super Saiyan 2- Tufflized Super Saiyan 3)

    Goku Black (Rose Oozaru)

    Myseterious Youth (Base - Super Villain)

    You can follow the development of Dragon Ball Generations here! Clicking on the links below will bring you to documents of information, guidelines, and the timeline of the story. The story is still very much in development and as such, you all can leave comments on the story as it progresses. You all can leave comments giving your thoughts and suggestions to help out in the development of the story!

    Note: Some information has not been added into the docs and as such needs to be added ASAP. If there is false information you spot then leave a comment detailing the correct information. I have also changed some things for the sake of the story and as a way to build upon the world that wasn't previously. This is still a work in progress.

    UPDATE: The Docs have had their access revoked, the story outline, facts, and transformation is all being rewritten in a singular document. The link to this doc will be released with the final mod pack titled "Dragon Ball Generations (Definitive Edition)"