Dexio’s Skill pack 2

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    Well henlo, to the point, this is a skill pack. you can use it for your mods and stuff just give me credits

    They work for all races exept majin male 'cause they don't deserve love

    A quick description of each skill:

    "A real beta skill"

    Is goku MUI punch barrage thing but sigthly different chargable of course

    Usage: Use it at the end of a combo and you will notice the difference

    Ki cost: 100

    "Big Bang Kamehameha MK2"

    A Bigbang that works like a kamehameha, so is launched way fasster and it's chargable

    Ki cost: 100

    "Energy Jet"

    Is demigra ultimate for cac's with cameras and not as useless as the original 'cause is faster

    Ki cost: 300?

    "Godly Display"

    Goku MUI ultimate without camera problems and compatible with rosters too

    Ki cost: 500

    "Hakai de Dexio"

    My version of Energy of destruction (toppo's thing)

    Usage: Keep holding the command to mantain the sphere in exchange of ki

    Ki cost: 100

    "Legedary Breaker"

    A powerful ultimate, is fast is strong is free

    Usage: is fast so use it in a combo

    Ki cost: 400

    "Obscure Super Kamehameha"

    A red Super kamehameha but with a punch like Super Rose kamehameha

    Ki cost: 300

    "Soaring fist"

    Goku MUI skill untouched for cacs

    Ki cost: 100

    "Surging spirit" 

    Goku MUI ki charge skill untouched for cacs

    "Time Slash"

    Ideal for combos, it spawn a explosion in your oponent position

    Usage: Is faster but weaker in a combo, use it for chain combos

    Ki cost: 100

    "Ultimate Masenko"

    Gohan Blanco's skill, is sexy

    Ki cost: 300

    "Unleashed Charge"

    Just a faster charge that push the enemy like darkness mixer but without that annoying effect and with divinity unleashed animation

    "Warp kamehameha Rose"

    The name says everithing

    Ki cost: 300

    "Warp Obscure Kamehameha"

    The says name everithing

    Ki cost: 300

    Thanks for read: you win free access to my discord tag


    if you have some problem then contact me there

    So many screenshots, you can see Jesus in one of them

    Thanks Dkat for your help, please take a look at his underated mods

    Good mods

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    Eternity Installer

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    1.0 Releasse

    1.01 Fixed Bigbang Kamehameha Mk2 thanks to DarthUmbra