Dexio’s skill pack 3

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    Well this is my third pack yeah shitty tumbnail because i don't care, here are most of Elina skills adjusted to work in all cacs (exept majin males because they deserve no love). I won't waste my day explaining all the skills (you can see some of them on Arcky's showcase), they have their descriptions on the x2m. I'll just give a list of them. They are compatible with tails now.

    Note: They are meant to be combined with eachother.

    Feel Free to join our dead server to help and stuff: Bojack Temple

    You can use this skills for your mods and upload  them for free, just give me credits.

    *It contains 27 skills and 4 retextures with some sigthly changes.

    • Bloody Saucer
    • Bloody Slash
    • Celestial Whirlwind
    • Concetrated Masenko
    • Corruption Fissure
    • Corruption Rain
    • Counter Blade
    • Cross Splitter
    • Darkness Edge
    • Dinamic Slash
    • Distored Blast
    • Energy Yet (fixed camera)
    • Enraged Crash
    • Flash Trusth
    • Focus Wave
    • Galactic Buster (Bojack Full power skill)
    • Gangsta' Ray (pretty gay name i know but i don't care)
    • Heavenly Mark (not working on males for now)
    • Instant Vanisher (Sonic Bomb Fixed)
    • Jumping Energy Wave (As an evasive with some changes)
    • Ki Blade Swept
    • Legendary Breaker
    • Milky Beam
    • Omega Volcano
    • Orga Blaster
    • Saiyan Spirit (Recolor with sigtly changes)
    • Serious Blaster
    • Spacing Blade (Recolor with sigtly changes)
    • Soaring Combination
    • Thunderbolt Attack
    • Twisted Blasts (Recolor with sigtly changes)
    • Unrelenting Rush
    • Vanishing Slash

    And those are all of them, i will eventually upload the movesets and maybe some recolors of this skills if you guys want. And that is all i think thanks for downloading if you find any problem with them then please report it to me so i can try to fix it.


    Thank to Arcky for the video.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Install 1.Effects.exe (thanks to lazybones for making the installer)

    and then the x2m files inside "2.X2ms" folder

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0 Release

    1.01 Added missing skill effects and missing skills x2m

    1.1 Now compatible with Tails, added Corruption Rain, minor changes