Dexio’s Skill Pack 4

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    Again another skill pack, while being rather old this is my latest skill pack.

    It contains 11 skills:

    • Buster Cannon:  Launch super-powerful Ki Waves! Enter the command repeatedly to use Ki and keep firing!
    • Feinted Charge:  Charge to your enemy and vanish behind them and surprise them from behind. If you are attacked while charging you will vanish behind your enemy in that moment.
    • Final Burst Cannon:  Generate a harmful and protective aura with your ki and then charge a powerful ki wave. You can press the command again while charging to shoot the ki wave faster but it will become weaker.
    • Hanging Combo:  Attack your enemy with fast kicks that will leave them confused and vulnerable. Press the command again to launch a powerful finishing kick.
    • Hellstar sphere: Made for ma' boi DougDimmaDab's oc. Attack with a giant ki blast! You can press the command again while charging to absorb the Ki blast and gain temporal super armor!
    • Maximun Kamehameha: Launch a powerful super kamehameha. You can press the command while charging to vanish and move around. You can do this up to two times.
    • Meteoric Blast:  Spew all charged Ki from your mouth. The more Ki you have, the stronger the attack will be!
    • Tremor Combo:  Assault with a powerful combination of physical attacks!. Press Forwards + skill command to do an alternative version of the combo that will stop your enemy from blocking!
    • Violent Burst:  Pose to stop an attack. If you succeed, release a great explosion of ki and stun your enemy.
    • Wicked Pulverizer:  Launch a pair of powerful ki blasts, but careful! because if it fails it will leave you exposed.
    • Wrathful Explosion:  Concentrate your energy, release it and launch projectiles in various directions. If your ki is full it will consume two ki bars, if you don't it will refil one ki bar.

    So yeah, they have some function that make them different from just eye candy skills. Feel free to use them on your mods, just give me credits.

    Let me know if you find bugs and stuff.

    This mod was made thanks to my patrons their, support is what keep me doing stuff.

    My Patreon

    And also my Youtube channel, i post in progress mods there

    Thanks to: King Charles, Hector merino, Server Disconnect, Xavier Mitchell and Lokil Machinima :)

    Special Thanks to: Bigthebudo for being the best boi.

    Also thanks to Arcky for the showcase, check his channel for more dragon ball related stuff

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Install the .exe file and then the x2ms

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 sub to pewds