-Divine Comeback- Gogeta (SSGSS Evolution)

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    Gogeta's here! The Divine Comeback!

    Here we are! For the 3k downloads on my first mod, I decided to rework it with my new knowledge of Xv2 modding to make it even better than before! After I realized that my mod got so many downloads and didn't have much, I wanted to give it a little more: Hair and Bust reworked, new stance, 2 new recolored skills, a new skill by Dexio (Huge thanks to him for the skill) and the old good features the original mod has.

    The LB Aura pack is required to make the aura work.

    Huge thanks to Ory95ct for his support!


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Usual X2M

  • event_note Changelog

    2.0 - New Release

    2.1 - Fixed Unknown skills and added Maximum Kamehameha