Dragon Ball Go Frames and Stamps

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chevron_right Dragon Ball Go Frames and Stamps
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    I was bored and wanted to do something stupid, so I give you:
    Dragon Ball Go LogoDragon Ball Go Logo for Photo Mode...

    It's 2 frames and 5 stamps. 4 of the stamps are the name/CP float from Pokemon Go, one with no CP and three with some random number. At first I wanted to include all letters and numbers, so you could write whatever, but then I realized that Photo Mode has not enough stamp slots for that, so you'll need to get creative with either the titles or in some image manipulation software.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract DBGo.7z
    Get Unleasheds Photo Mode Tool v2.1 or later.
    Start the tool.
    Go to File -> Import -> Frame Package (.PMF) and browse to the .pmf from this file.
    Go to File -> Import -> Stamp Package (.PMS) and browse to the .pms from this file.
    Select File -> Save

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