Dragon Ball Legacy Video Game OST Replacement

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    Replaces the Battle Music tracks with arranged versions of fighting games from Dragon Ball games such as Super Butoden 1-3, Super Gokuden 2, Hyper Dimension, Final Bout, and Ultimate Battle 22 (and Solid State Scouter because it's great). There are a lot of obscure, deep cuts in here. Many tracks were edited down to more match their original, non-arranged equivalents, as heard in their respective games. If you're anything like me, you miss the alternate reality of the 16-bit Dragon Ball games that had a comfy atmosphere and feeling all their own. This file aims to recapture some of that magic. Originally made for personal use, but I figured there might be other oldschool fans out there who might find it enjoyable, or even anyone looking for something different. After all, I would consider these to be the best musical tracks the Dragon Ball video games have to offer.

    There are a few choice tracks from the likes of Budokai 1-3 and Tenkaichi 2 & 3 to round out the tracklist. Conton City music has been replaced with overworld map tracks from Budokai 3 and some Tenkaichi ones as well.

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    Unzip files into folder: DB Xenoverse 2/data/sound/BGM

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