Dragon Ball Xenoverse Z : all items in shop + new skills + new accessory + new characters + online compatible

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    Welcome to Dragon Ball Xenoverse Z - a project that brings everything Xenoverse 2 has hidden to your pc version. This  project contains 3 packs: a data codex pack, a data steam pack (coming with dlc pack 3) and a x2m shop data pack (coming with dlc pack 3)

    Contents of data pack (codex and steam)

    - All race exclusives are now available for all races (except super saiyan, power pole pro, become giant and turn golden)

    - Added new skills: kaioken (super), kaiokenx3 (super), kaiokenx20 (super), bloody sauce, rage sauce, darkness mixer, peeler storm, Marbling Drop, brainwash attack, boulder toss, acid, poison, saibabeam, beam riffle, smile charge, gigantic slam, spirit bomb tower, rocket punch, dragon thunder, warp, science vanish, howl, baked sphere, gigantic ki blast, potential unleashed 2, super saiyan-super saiyan 2, vilainous mode, vilainous mode super saiyan, vilainous mode super saiyan 2, potential unleashed (ultimate), potential awoken, super saiyan (ultimate), super saiyan 2 (ultimate), super saiyan 3 (ultimate), super vegeta (ultimate), super vegeta 2 (ultimate), future super saiyan (ultimate), supervillian: giant, super saiyan blue kaioken, father-son kamehameha, cookie beam and VML (real vilainous mode)

    - Added all items to the shop purchasable for 1 zeni and sell 99999999 zeni (price will update in dlc pack 3)

    - Added story mode white mask to accessory shop costing 1 zeni and selling for 99999999 zeni

    - Added new characters like Bulma, Dende, Supreme Kai of Time, Old Kai and others

    Differences in x2m pack version

    - Data folder will only make everything costing 1 zeni and sell 99999999 zeni (coming in dlc pack 3)

    - Skills will only be compatible with their own races but equivalent versions will be added as x2m skills

    - All skills from data version will be added + gigantic slam (fixed), super saiyan blue kaioken (fixed), pure progress, dual masenko, burning strike, aura slide, super black kamehameha and instant charge

    - Added skills will have proper descriptions and some will have name changes, to make them seem more unique

    - White mask from story mode will have proper name and proper description

    - All Xenoverse 1 character presets + some special versions will be added with stats fixed


  • speaker_notes Installation


    Drag the data folder to your game directory or replace your data files with mine. XV2 Patcher and XV2 Installer are required (more details provided on the downloaded folder)

    Example: Mine is in D:/Games/Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 Initial release

    1.1 Removed the files that were not related to the mod (thanks for warning me about that); added Kaioken x3 (super skill), Kaioken x 20 (super skill), Spirit Bomb Tower, Dragon Thunder, Potential Awoken, Vilainous Mode, Vilainous Mode (Super Saiyan), Vilainous Mode (Super Saiyan 2) and Supervillain: Giant

    1.1.1 Fixed issues with Vilainous Mode (Super Saiyan) and Vilainous Mode (Super Saiyan 2)

    1.1.2 Fixed visual glitches on accessories and mixing items; made the mask from story mode worth 9999999 zeni when sold to allow more item purchases

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