Dragon Ball Xenoverse Z: Shopaholic + new skills + new characters (DLC Pack 3 Updated)

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    Welcome to Dragon Ball Xenoverse Z - a project that brings everything Xenoverse 2 has hidden to your pc version in a data pack!!!

    Contents of data pack

    - All race exclusives are now available for all races (except super saiyan 3, power pole pro, become giant, turn golden and potential unleashed 2);

    - Added all costumes to the shop;

    - Added all accessories to the shop;

    - Added all super souls to the shop;

    - Added all items to the shop;

    - Added new characters and costumes:

    • Goku (smilling) (Costume for Goku)
    • Trunks Armor no sword (Costume for Trunks (Future))
    • Trunks (GT) no sword (Costume for Trunks (GT))
    • Vegeta Armor with free tail (Costume for Vegeta)
    • Vegeta Super Saiyan 4 second slot (it is the same but without it game crashes)
    • Nail second costume (Costume for Nail)
    • Ginyu with Scouter in hand (Costume for Ginyu)
    • Turles (Fruit of the Tree of Might) (Costume for Turles)
    • Frieza in his mobile (glitched but without it game crashes) (Costume for Frieza First Form)
    • Masked Saiyan Broken Mask (Costume for Masked Saiyan)
    • Trunks Vilainous Mode (Costume for Trunks (Future))
    • Gohan Vilainous Mode (Costume for Gohan Adult)
    • Vegeta Vilainous Mode (Costume for Vegeta)
    • Gotenks Vilainous Mode (Costume for Gotenks)
    • Frieza 100% Vilainous Mode (Costume for Frieza 100%)
    • Cell (Perfect) Vilainous Mode (Costume for Cell (Perfect))
    • Kid Buu Vilainous Mode (Costume for Kid Buu)
    • Broly Vilainous Mode (Costume for Broly)
    • Hercule Vilainous Mode (Costume for Hercule)
    • Mira (Final Form)
    • Great Ape Baby
    • Great Ape Vegeta (normal and broken armor)
    • Great Ape Nappa (normal and broken armor)
    • Great Ape Bardock
    • Bulma
    • Dende
    • Supreme Kai of Time
    • Elder Kai

    - Added new skills (all costing 1 zeni):

    • Spirit Bomb Tower
    • Kaioken (super)
    • Kaiokenx3 (super)
    • Kaiokenx20 (super)
    • Smile Charge
    • Gigantic Slam
    • Acid
    • Poison
    • Saibabeam
    • Guldo Fighting Pose
    • Beam Riffle
    • Dragon Thunder
    • Energy Release
    • Rage Saucer
    • Bloody Sauce
    • Darkness Mixer
    • Boulder Toss
    • Peeler Storm
    • Marbling Drop [A]
    • Marbling Drop
    • Marbling Drop [C]
    • Marbling Drop [D]
    • Brainwash Attack
    • Rocket Punch
    • Kamehameha (single handed)
    • God Splitter
    • Heavenly Arrow
    • Super Saiyan (Ultimate)
    • Super Saiyan 2 (Ultimate)
    • Super Saiyan 3 (Ultimate)
    • Potential Unleashed (Ultimate)
    • Potential Awoken
    • Super Vegeta (Ultimate)
    • Super Vegeta 2 (Ultimate)
    • Future Super Saiyan (Ultimate)
    • Father-Son Kamehameha
    • Cookie Beam
    • Gigantic Ki Blast
    • Baked Sphere
    • Instant Severance
    • Vilainous Mode
    • Vilainous Mode: Super Saiyan
    • Vilainous Mode: Super Saiyan 2
    • Warp
    • Science Vanish
    • Howl
    • Super Saiyan
    • Super Saiyan -> Super Saiyan 2
    • Super Saiyan -> Super Saiyan 2 -> Super Saiyan 3 (with hair changes)
    • Super Saiyan -> Super Saiyan 3
    • Super Saiyan 2
    • Super Vegeta
    • Super Vegeta -> Super Vegeta 2 (with hair changes)
    • Potential Unleashed (mixed with super saiyan and hair changes)
    • Supervillain: Giant
    • Unknown Skill (Real Villainous Mode)
    • Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken -> Super Saiyan Blue Kaiokenx10


    - Added story mode white mask to the accessory shop costing 1 zeni and selling for 99999999 zeni;

    - Added compatibility to Time Patroller Jacket for Saiyans Male and Female and Time Patroller Battle Suit for Humans Male and Female;

    - Compatible online with everyone that possesses or does not possess the pack.



    1. Is this compatible with any other mod? IF IT REPLACES ANY OF MY FILES, NOOOOOO;
    2. Can you add more skills? NOOOO, THE FOLLOWING SKILLS CANNOT BE ADDED: Life Absorption, Dual Masenko,  Great Ape Beam, Boulder Break, Evil Roar, Time Shackles, Seasoning Arrow, Boiling Ball, Energy Cannon, Tricky Strike, Burning Strike, Zetsumei Bullet, Super Great Ape Beam, Boiling Burg, Energy Jet, Pure Progress, Energy Boil, Elite Barrage, Self-Destruct, Turn Golden (for other races), Become Giant (for other races), Power Pole Pro (for other races), Super Saiyan 3 (for other races), Potential Unleashed 2 (for other races) and any others that I forgot here that are not in my pack;
    3. Some skills have visual glitches, can you fix them? NO, IF I FIX THEM I WILL BREAK THE ONLINE COMPATIBILITY WHICH WAS MY MAIN GOAL AT MAKING THIS MOD;
    4. Will you make a x2m version or a steam version? YES, BUT ONLY WHEN DLC PACK 4 GETS RELEASED (SINCE I DO NOT HAVE A COMPUTER AT THE MOMENT);
    5. Will you make everything purchasable at 1 zeni? YES, BUT ONLY WHEN DLC PACK 4 GETS RELEASED;
    6. Can you fix visual glitches in some characters and their stats? NO, IF I FIX THEM I WILL BREAK THE ONLINE COMPATIBILITY WHICH WAS MY MAIN GOAL AT MAKING THIS MOD;
    7. How do I only get the shopaholic mod? A SHOPAHOLIC EXCLUSIVE VERSION WAS ADDED TO DOWNLOAD.


  • speaker_notes Installation


    Drag the data folder to your game directory or replace your data files with mine. XV2 Patcher and XV2 Installer are required (more details provided on the downloaded folder)

    Example: Mine is in D:/Games/Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 Initial release

    1.1 Removed the files that were not related to the mod (thanks for warning me about that); added Kaioken x3 (super skill), Kaioken x 20 (super skill), Spirit Bomb Tower, Dragon Thunder, Potential Awoken, Vilainous Mode, Vilainous Mode (Super Saiyan), Vilainous Mode (Super Saiyan 2) and Supervillain: Giant

    1.1.1 Fixed issues with Vilainous Mode (Super Saiyan) and Vilainous Mode (Super Saiyan 2)

    1.1.2 Fixed visual glitches on accessories and mixing items; made the mask from story mode worth 9999999 zeni when sold to allow more item purchases

    1.2.0 Added DLC Pack 3 compatibility

    1.2.1 Made the story mode mask worth 99999999 zeni when sold (it has 1 more 9 now) and added to the shop all of Zamasu's skills Added msg folder to fix some minor issues and added compatibility to ALL GAME VERSIONS

    1.2.2 Fixed bugs and errors of the full pack version and added a shopaholic exclusive version

    1.2.3 Removed alternative download link due to mod stealing

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