Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Music Pack

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    So this Solomon Ogbe dude asked if i did requests, i don't but i thought making this would be cool, so here goes nothing.

    This is basically a mod that brings the music of this mobile game i didn't know it existed 'til now to your xenoverse 2's game.

    Edit: The reason of why it doesn't has that many songs is basically because these were the only ones i found to download to do this mod to begin with, i'm gonna see if i can find the rest in the meantime for now, you'll just have to wait 'til i do that, but right now i'm kind of busy to do it, i'll probably be free to do this, let's say some days later, sorry for that though, it's that i share a pc, so sometimes i have to wait for the other person to use it, to have my turn next, hope you'll understand.


    01. Title Theme

    02. Main Menu

    03. Setting Field

    04. Field A

    05. Field B

    06. Field C

    07. Field D

    08. Field E

    09. Fighter Summon

    10. Battle Theme (Anniversary Edition)

    11. Battle Theme

    12. Threat

    13. Stage Clear

    14 - World Tournament Preliminary Battle

    15 - World Tournament Finals

    16 - Boss Theme 1

    17 - Boss Theme 2

    18 - Fusion - Janemba

    19 - Beerus Battle (Japanese Version)

    20 - Gotenks (Japanese Version)

    21 - Golden Freeza (Japanese Version)

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just copy the folder 'data' on your xenoverse 2's directory.

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    1.0 - just uploaded, nothing new.

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