DragonBall FighterZ/Super -Vol.2-/Sonic Forces Soundtrack MOD

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    This Mod gives you all the Recently Released DragonBall Super Original Soundtrack -Vol.2- & DragonBall FighterZ music in Xenoverse 2!

    + Few Sonic Forces Tracks!

    Please Take Note! This is My First MOD upload so if there are any improvements or suggestions you can give me I'd really appreciate it! Thank You - Matt

    Battle BGM List:

    Dragon Ball FighterZ: Original Sound Version

    1. World Touranment

    2. West City

    3. Destoryed West City

    4. Wasteland

    5. Islands

    6. Underground Cave

    7. Planet Namek

    8. Destroyed Planet Namek

    9. Space

    10. Land of the Kai's

    11. Goku Black's Theme

    12. Hit's Theme

    13. Beerus's Theme

    DragonBall Super Original Soundtrack -Vol.2-

    Zero Mortal Plan

      1. Death-Match with Goku Black

      2. Fistfight Battle

      3. Zamasu's Overwhelming Power

      4. Heroic Battle

      5. The Birth of Merged Zamasu

      6. A Fierce Battle Agaisnt A Might Foe

      7. Dream Tag Team

      8. Instant-Kill Battle

      9. The Power to Resist

      10. A Formidable Foe

      11. The Final Death-Match

      12. Unwinninable Battle

      13. Jiren's Theme

      14. Prelude to Battle

      15. Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type C)

      16. Unknown Territory

      17. Limit-Break

      18. The Wall Before One’s Eyes

      19. Fusion Theme (DBZ Kai)

      20. Desperate Assualt (DBZ Kai)

      21. No More (DBZ Kai)

      22. Impatience

      23. Reviving Majin Buu (DBZ Kai)

    Conton City BGM List:

    DragonBall Super Original Soundtrack -Vol.2-

    1. Limit-Break x Survivor (Peace Ver.)

    2. A Mother's Love

    3. Toward's Hope

    4. An Eerie Foe

    5. Formidable Foe

    6. Precious Comrades

    7. Shady Scheme

    8. Gorgeous Warriors

    9. Desprate Plan

    10. Universe 7 in Trouble

    11. Distant Journey

    Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack - A Hero Will Rise

    1. This Is Our World - A New Hero

    2. This Is Our World

    3. Episode Shadow

    4. Theme of the Resistance (Title Screen Ver.)

    Dragon Ball FighterZ: Original Sound Version

    1. Lobby

    2. Synopsis

    3. Conversation

    4. Determination

    5. Spirit

    6. Confrontation

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Simple Drag the DATA Folder into the Main Game folder and Replace!