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    EanAutomata is a tool to automate tedious EAN tasks.


    Currently does the following :

    • Fix Animation Deformation : fix model deformation by removing position keyframes
    • Fix CamEan Export : fix newly exported CamEan animations by combining the 2 separate Node and CameraTarget animations into 1 animation
    • Fix Demo CamEan Position : Offsets demo camera animation for skill usage
    • Mirror Animation : flips an animation like a mirror
    • Fix DBL Animation : flip all the X and Y values for each EANKeyframe, essentially its automating the known XML method for flipping Legends animations
    • Fix Demo Char Animation : offsets Character Demo animation so that it's in the center for skill usage
    • Resize Animation : scales target character animations so they fit the original character.




  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Unzip and run the EXE

  • event_noteChangelog





    -added logging for all tabs, this helps to identify issues especially on linking CamEan stuff

    -ability to select multiple animations from the animation list (CTRL + A to select all or multi select with CTRL + mouse left click)

    -added better bone exclude selection for Mirror Animation tab

    -added new tab : Fix float/sink


    -Fix float/sink renamed to Resize Animation

    -Resize Animation no longer requires the EAN for the original character

    -Added new tab : Reverse Animation

    -Fix CamEan Export : now the tool automatically adds the 'camera' component with a default FoV and Roll values

    -Fix DBL Animation :fixed bug when selecting multiple animations

    -Fix DBL Animation : no longer requires vanilla EAN

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