Elemental Super Saiyan God Pack (Updated)

  • descriptionDescription
    Super Saiyan Air - A Super Saiyan God obtaining complete calmness of the mind. Super Saiyan Fire - A Super Saiyan God consumed by pure rage. Super Saiyan Ice - A Super Saiyan God corrupted by evil intent. Super Saiyan Lightning - A Super Saiyan God overcome by sorrow.The 4 Elemental Super Saiyan Gods of legend
    As of right now we were not able to implement the Saiyan that obtained Super Saiyan Lightning due to issues. Possibly the Lightning Saiyan may be implemented later or possibly be changed to someone new. Time will tell.
    Collaboration between me and CSD59ALL
    I created the designs for Super Saiyan Ice and Air, Fire was created by CSD
    Textures and Models by Me
    Adding Character Slots and other technical issue by CSD.
    Special thanks to Curtis - Merged Monaka for implementing Trunks, you helped realize this mod.
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    Use Eternity's character installer tool.

  • event_noteChangelog

    Added the Super Saiyan God of Lightning