Elina’s extra skills (And misc)

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    Hello there. Its been a while since i uploaded here.

    I wanted to share some skills that i made a while ago 'coz why not?

    So yeah the pack contains 4 skills with 3 different colours and 2 extra skills:

    • Ten-Rai: Launch some lightnings from your fists, is chargeable.
    • Sly Rift: Launch a ki wave and if it hits press the command again to vanish and surprise the enemy from behind
    • Spiteful sphere: Launch a projectile that will persuit the enemy.
    • Ripper Rush: A bunch of physical attacks and ki waves.

    Extra skills:

    • Celestial wahirlwind without ki blade
    • Heavenly Mark working on males and females

    That's it. As always you are free to use them in your mods, just give me credits.

    Here is my patreon if you want to check. LINK

    And thanks to my patrons for keep supporting me, i would have stopped modding a long time ago without their support.

    Special thanks to: BrettEliot, King Charles, Lokil Machima, ServerDisconnect and Xavier Mitchel.

    AND HUGE THANKS TO: bigthebudo


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Install the .exe file and then the x2m files.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 release