Elina’s Movesets for CaC (SYM, SYF, HUF, HUM, MAF, FRI)

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    Hello guys, firstly i want to announce that i have created a patreon where i will take skill, moveset and also character requests (i only take requests from there):

    My lame Patreon

    If you are interested on those  skills showed on the video, they are aviable on my patreon page.

    This are all of Elina's movesets for cacs fully compatible with:

    *Tail animations (Saiyans, Frieza race and Majin Female)

    *Super Saiyan 3 stance

    *Dual ultimates

    *All races transformations (Turn Golden, PowerPole, Purification)

    They come with 5 different ki blade colours colours (10 on my patreon and more will be added there):

    *Blue (Default Humans, Saiyans)

    *Pink (Default Frieza race, Majin Female)




    There are three different movesets and a fouth one for "Turn Golden"

    *Elina's Super Villanous moveset

    *Elina's Base moveset

    *Elina's UI moveset

    All of them have the same turn golden moveset.

    Huge thanks to my supporter Bigthebudo and my great friend Dkat.

    Please subscribt to Dkat's channel he made that awesome showcase. thanks again bro:

    Dkat's channel

    Feel free to join my team's discord sever: Bojack Temple

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 Release

    1.01 Fixed stance problem, thanks to Server Disconnect for the report

    1.02 Fixed Frieza Race Stance thanks to asd for telling me about this dumb mistake

    1.03 Fixed SSj3 stance on saiyans (yet again, i apologize for that) added custom esk file for dragged tail glitch.

    1.05 Fixed Human Male and Saiyan Male Base moveset jump glitch Thanks to my supporter Henry Quinn for telling me about this glitch.

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