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    Mirror when VGM don't want to download

    A new version of EmbPack.

    The difference with the last one is about files order :

    Some Emb files don't have filenames specified so they have DATAXXX.dds by default.

    So when you repack by drag and drop folder it's not a problem because of default Windows files order.


    But in case of emb file whitch have filenames specified, repack don't keep order. But the game use the order index. [Thank to Komodo for find this and Eternity for genser.exe witch convert emb file into Xml]

    To solve that, the new version unpack emb into a folder and add a "embFiles.xml" witch give the order of file. So when you repack , embpack try to read "embFiles.xml" to reorder files before saving the new emb file.

    Git repo

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Only unzip.

    if it's crash, you need to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Redistribuable Update 3 or 5.

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 2.2.2:

    -When file inside a emb have no name (usally for textures), the tool make a name DATAXXX.dds. But, previous code only deal with 3 digits, but there is a emb for shader with 1065 shaders. So, the bug never impact faile with name now, and I deal with 4 and 5 digits. Notice : I keep 3 digits under the 1000 nd file , because avoid to break some others tool witch wait for DATAXXX.dds


    Version 2.2.1:

    -my mistake for try to secure things : folder with ".", like xxxx.pbind is consider like a file with extension. undo the secure thing solve that.


    Version 2.2.0:

    -could use "path with space" -the End or applications are normalized : by default, it's WaitOnError, but with options/shortcut you can change this. -resolve extension in UpperCase.


    Version 2.1 c : mistake on copying/rename exe.

    Version 2.1 b : someone ask me to add  index of file in comment.


    Version 2.1:

    Thank to Lazybone, witch find the embpack break effect on repack xxxxx.pbind.emb. I found it's about duplicate file into emb. So, embpack create only one version of the file. so, at repack, it miss the duplicate file, so it's break the id for game's file for configuration (like eppk witch use some emb).

    So this new version take care of the duplicate file by rename them. in embfile.xml , there to attribut by file, name (name into emb), and filename (name into folder extracted). so at repack, it could repack all file, and keep the name from original emb.

    Notice: if you use a folder extracted by the previous embpack, it still work (if there isn't duplicate file, for sure).

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