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    Tool for manipulate some esk and ean files.

    Notice, there is a part in ean file where is the esk definition without TransformMatrix.

    with this tools you could :

    -Rename a bone (Notice : all links between esk ean and emd use bone's name).

    -Remove a Bone (with affecting animations in case of ean file)

    -Copy/paste a bone (with children if you want). So you could make 3 Tails if you want. just keep name unique please.

    Notice , it's important : the Paste  also copy animations in case of ean files (option), and also solve different durations by automatic resampling (option).

    -Merge like EmdFbx.exe.

    -get and set position, orientation (quaternion's definition) and scale of each bone.


    For the two last command, you need to know there is two kind of datas to define bone transformation in esk file:

    -a TransformMatrix witch is the absolute matrix (take care of parents's matrix)

    -a 'skinningMatrix' witch is a [ position, orientation, scale] relatie to the parent bone.

    In ean file, the esk part haven't TransformMatrix because they don't need it. the link "skinning" between mesh/vertex and bone is done by the esk file of the character, so ean just need relative information. that why you could use some ean file on differente charactere with different esk file.

    So to get back on EskOrganizer, you also could :

    -rebuild TransformMatrix from SkinningMatrix

    -rebuild SkinningMatrix from transformMatrix.



    Based on the work of Dario on LibXenoverse.

    Git repo



  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just dezip.

    If you have some trouble, download and install "Microsoft Redistruable c++ Visual Studio 2013 x86 update 5" (all words are important).

    Take care about using folders without space in name.

  • event_note Changelog

    V0.5.1 : bug on loading .ean solved.


    -confirmation of Loading. -Load many file in one command.

    -could use "path with space" -the End or applications are normalized : by default, it's WaitOnError, but with options/shortcut you can change this. -resolve extension in UpperCase.


    v 0.4 :

    -add commands to load emd file, so you could rename Bone influence on meshes.


    v 0.3 : -by the pratice of EanOrganizer, I have decrease the crash by using wrong number of arguments. -you could use index of bone (give by the command to have the list), or using bone name directly.

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