Everything Colorable – Human/Saiyan Edition

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    Hello Everyone

    Myst strikes again with another mod, one that has since been outdated by extra packs 3 and 4. With permission from Loris, I now present to you....the updated "Everything Colorable" mod for Female Earthlings and Saiyans. I give special thanks for Loris for allowing me to continue the mod as well as Yami for allowing me to upload the fixed errors as well as the emms that werent messed up.

    This updated mod fixes all of the emm errors in the HUF that were shown in the Everything Colorable Pack. With support for the latest DLC!

    As of now, all that remains are Male Humans/Saiyans, Namekians, and the Majin Race.

    PS: Male Earthling/Saiyans should be fixed either today or tomorrow.


    Now, if you've read to this point, feel free to ask questions and report bugs, I'll consider your feedback as much as I can! Also, please feel free to address any errors or coloring issues.

    Special thanks go to "The Citadel", Loris and a good friend of mine (Solaela) who tested out the mod and addressed all the coloring issues.

    Please take note though that there are a few outfits that aren't colorable due to CaCs already having the outfit in some shape or way

    -Murasaki Style Ninja Suit -Gold and Crystal Battlesuits (Palette swaps of Vegeta's outfit with Glare added) -Kid Gohans Clothes/Chaiotzu Clothes (Cac's already have a colorable version of the Qipao) -Yamcha's Baseball Uniform (Cac's already have a baseball outfit that colorable) -Goku's Work Clothes (Cac's Have a colorable version of that outfit) -Goku's Tracksuit (Cac's Have a colorable version of that outfit) -Gohan's Tracksuit (Cac's Have a colorable version of that outfit) -Vegeta's Normal Clothes (Cac's Have a colorable version of that outfit) -Golden Great Ape Suit -Golden Turtle Helmet Gi

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    Use XV2 Patcher and place the contents in the following directory:

    C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonDB Xenoverse 2datachara

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    1.0 - Initial Release

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