Evil Super Saiyan 1-4 for Cac Male Only (2 versions)

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    Hello everyone, My name is Rixban, and I present to you something that's special to me. I am a newish modder and after spending weeks learning how to do certain things, I was finally able to complete my pet project. I am a huge fan of TheRedHeadHenry, a youtuber who makes sprite animation videos, and his Goku Vs. series. And, if you couldn't already tell by the pics above, I love Evil Goku. When the Xenoverse series became a thing, I wanted to have a "create your own transformation" concept, yet we didn't get one. I know, sad face right? A few years go by, and I discover that your able to mod the pc version of XV2, and after a while I finally got a gaming pc, and I wanted to learn how to mod. That's how I got here. Backstory aside, after learning what skill I have now, I made this, a transformation that pays tribute to Evil Goku, but its for your cac. Now, I want to point out several things here.

    1. Theres 2 versions of the exact same transformation. Ill explain how they are the same, the boost to your stats for both versions are exactly the same, there is no difference with that. The only differences is the look between the 2 and the names. The pics will explain that.
    2. Based on the title of the mod, its for male saiyans only. Eventually ill make a female version, but sadly, IRL tends to kill my drive to make mods. I have a wife and 2 little girls with ADHD, so that there should say everything.
    3. A question I'm sure to get is "can you customize the hairstyles?" The answer is yes. Just pay close attention to the files when installing the transformations, which yes both can be installed at the same time. The files, most already know this, but for those who don't, will be in the data folder in your main Xenoverse 2 folder. In that data folder is several more folders, the one you want is chara, short for character, inside that folder is several folders for the races in the game, and the one you want, with this transformation at least, is the HUM folder. Saiyan cacs run off this folder the same as Earthling cacs do. Why? I have no idea. In any case, inside the HUM, depending on how many mods you have installed, is a bunch of files all starting with HUM_XXX (xxx being the numbers) and what they are for. The ones you want are the ones with "hair" in the file name. Depending on the transformation level, like Lazybone's transforations, you'll see about 4 files pertaining to hair. Take the files of the hair you want, rename them the numbers for the transformation you want that hairstyle on, and replace the originals with yours. Simple... ish.
    4. Another question I'm bound to get is "are they useable with a transformable tail mod?" Answer, yes, they are, HOWEVER! Bare in mind 1 thing, Super Saiyan 4, and I'm aware of the fact that there's a fix for this, I just don't use it, the tail will look like the textures are glitching. Without the fix from the transformable tail mod, its gonna do that, but has no impact on the transformation itself if not used.

    Now the transformations, there are, as I stated before, 2 versions. the first is the standard Evil Super Saiyan 1-4, sporting the iconic Evil Goku Super Saiyan hair color, Bright Red, for stages 1-3, and 4 sporting the typical black hair, but with a black bust as well.

    The second version is Pure Evil Super Saiyan 1-4, sporting a darker red hair for stages 1-3, but the same aura, as there is no darker version, sad face, and 4 sporting the usual black hair, but the bust is Sportiax's Evil Super Saiyan 4 bust, sporting black fur with red highlights. Looks really good to be honest. He gave me permission to use it as a thanks for helping him with his Super Saiyan 4 mod. I'll link it below.

    Now, with those out of the way, I'll go ahead and wrap this up with this, the list of requirements for these transformations to work.

    First and foremost, you'll need Lazybone's New Transformations mod, as the installer that comes with it will add tail support so the tails don't look like someone nailed them to the ground, plus certain aspects of the transformations rely on his stuff, too detailed to list. FULL CREDIT TO LAZYBONE FOR HIS MOD! Link here -> https://xenoversemods.com/mods/new-transformations-added-skills/

    Next, you'll need Azura's Aura's. Believe it or not, I know more about the aura's from this mod way more than the vanilla auras, you'll need this for the aura's to work. FULL CREDIT TO AZURA(I think that's how his name is spelled, some correct me if I'm wrong and I'll fix it.) Link here -> https://xenoversemods.com/mods/azuras-aura-pack/

    Also full credit to SuperJohnnyGod, for his hairstyle that I'm using in the pics, Great work bro, FunForDiego for his Transformable Tail mod, love it, and Sportiax most of all, for all the teachings and help, as well as permission to use his Evil Super Saiyan 4 bust for Pure Evil Super Saiyan 4. A link to his mod, that I helped with, can be found...

    here -> https://xenoversemods.com/mods/male-female-super-saiyan-4-cac-transformation-pack/

    I would link the others, but I don't have permission to do so, so until they say otherwise, I won't.

    I am taking requests for transformations just like these 2, if there is something specific that you want, you can message on Discord @Rixban9802, I'm always on my pc, and discord is always active, so I'll see your message more likely there than anywhere else.

    Also, before I forget, a special shoutout to the people on the discord server The Citidel, as they have been very helpful as well with putting these together. Link to the server here -> https://discord.gg/UK8AJH6 Everyone there is friendly, very helpful, and its a great place to go if you want to learn how make mods yourself, with tutorials to get you started, and plenty of people to help if you need it, including me.

    Plans for the future, who knows when, is to add female saiyan support to these. It will happen eventually, but I have like 4 other projects in the works, slowly, plus IRL to deal with, so female Saiyan support is no where any time soon.

    Thanks and have a great whatever time of day/night it is for you.

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    Version 1.0: Initial release.

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