Ex’s Skill Pack 2

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    2nd Skill Pack

    Calamity Blaster-SUP- Purple Finish Buster (Made for Turles)

    Godly Display x10-ULT- Red Godly Display (Requested)

    Homing Energy Wave-SUP- Kind of a Super Final Flash with Double Busters effect (Made for Pikkon)

    Meteor Ball-SUP- Crusher Ball but with more of a throwing animation (Made for Daiz)

    Mystic Attack-SUP- Namekian Finger but usable for all races (Made for Angila)

    Mystic Rush-SUP- Darkness Rush Ranged but converted to a super and with no eye beam (Made for Angila)

    Planet Bomb-ULT- Giant Storm with Special Beam animation (Made for Amond)

    Shoryuken-SUP- An Uppercut that uses Stamina rather then Ki (Made for Ryu & Ken)

    Surging Chaos-SUP & EVA- Darkness Mixer with Surging Spirit animation (Request)

    Voltage Missile-SUP- An Energy Bomb with Galick Gun Animation (Made for Pikkon)

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