Fairy Tail Spells (Added Skills)

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    Thanks to Bureiku_Saikusu for coloring the attack spells, and for the Requip Spells

    Adds Spells from the anime Fairy Tail (Can be used by any race) (Will have JP names for attacks as a choice, but you can only have one or the other)

    Spells so far:

    • Dragon Force (Fire)
    • Dragon Force (Iron)
    • Fire Dragon Iron Fist/Karyū no Tekken
    • Requip: Heart Kreuz
    • Fire Dragon Sword Horn/Karyū no Kenkaku
    • Super Dragon Force (Fire)
    • Super Dragon Force (Iron)
    • Iron Dragon Sword/Tetsuryūken
    • Sky Dragon Roar/Tenryū no Hōkō
    • White Drive
    • Shadow Drive
    • Dragon Force (Lightning)
    • Super Dragon Force (Lightning)
    • Fire Dragon Roar/Karyū no Hōkō
    • Fire Dragon King Mode
    • Heavenly Body Magic: Meteor


    Spells we're planning/working on:

    • Dragon Roar (all of them)
    • Fire Dragon Brilliant Flame
    • Raging Bolt
    • Lightning Dragon Jaw
    • Moon Flash
    • Fire Dragon Talon
    • Fire Dragon Roasting Bath (yes, this is a real thing. look it up)
    • Crimson Lotus: Phoenix Blade
    • Hammer of Darkness
    • Purge of Darkness
    • Roar of Darkness
    • Sky Dragon's Wave Wind
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    Eternity's XV2Installer

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    Version 13.0: Added Fire Dragon King Mode and Heavenly Body Magic: Meteor

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