Fasha/Seripa SSJ4 (custom voiced!)

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    Welp, here she is. SSJ4 Fasha. Now some of you might be wondering "okay but why though?" That would be because of leonexodio's rather decent Fasha character mod, which was the inspiration for making this mod.


    His mod could go SSJ1-3 so I figured, why not SSJ4? And here we are.

    She's more or less complete, I may update her in the future to fix the minor oddity with her grab, it doesn't seem to be scaled to her body by normal means, so it didn't resize properly from the original fighting style I was working with. Besides that hiccup though, i'm rather happy with how she turned out.

    If you like the bust and want to use it for your own cac, then I highly suggest checking out Lazybone's "New Transformations" mod


    Or, if that's too technicnal for you, doesn't work, or isn't currently updated to go with whatever version of XV2 you might be playing, then check out the original version here.


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    1.01 - Added an extra purple eyes option, for those who prefer Fasha's normal eye color.

    1.02 - Rebalanced her stats to be closer to SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegeta.