Fast Rusher Moveset (MAF, SYF, HUF, HUM, SYM, FRI)

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    This was a request by my friend and patron Trey.

    Is a fast paced and simple moveset, focused on both fast flurry and strong focused attacks, it have a lot of chances to interrupt the combo to start over and combine with a lot of skills and stamina break the enemy.

    Is compatible with all races transformations, tail animations and dual ultimates.

    If you find any problem please let me know

    Thanks to all my patrons for their support, they help is what keep me doing stuff.

    And Special thanks to bigthebudo and Arcky

    Please subscribe to Arcky's channel, he does neat showcases

    Syntixis Channel

    My Patreon page:

    I am just a link

    Forgive my lame english.

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    Intructions on the files.

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    1.0 release

    1.01 Replaced Back hit

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  • UpdatedNov 6, 2018
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