Female Costume Resources

  • description Description

    These models can be used reuploaded and modified by anyone WITHOUT any permission or credit to me,hence the name "costume resources"

    I had spent some time making these when I was bored and was going to delete them but decided to upload them here for anybody to utilize,weather it be fixing these and releasing these in a complete state or using an aspect,I don't care,do what you want.Most are cac costumes but I did also make some android 18 specific character costumes which are also incomplete

    If you are not a modder you can still use these costumes for cac by putting them in the HUF folder I leave install details.

    They are now x2m and replacer, here's what is replaced

    "Bottom" Replaces Android 14 costume

    "Dancer 1" Replaces default no clothing cac body

    "Dancer 2" Replaces Goku Farmer

    "Hot Saiyan Armor" replaces patroller training outfit

    "Leotard" Replaces Golden Great Ape Suit,cut top replaces Golden Gi*Note this model has not been separated in two for bust and pants,they are in one file,as a solution I have made the cell costume model an empty model so it works without clipping,if you don't want that happening,delete or rename the file

    "Majin 21 Bust" replaces Great Saiyaman clothes

    The "Nude Resource" is not a usable mod in game,it is purely for making costumes(plus the nipples or genitals aren't there anyways,it's pretty much a skin-colored bodysuit)

    The android 18 stuff replaces all her costumes but they are the most incomplete

    If you want x2m's of these then hope some modder will do it since these are free to use





  • speaker_notes Installation

    New X2M Option allows some costumes to be installed with X2M Installer 

    These are meant to be for resources but can still be used for cac(will replace costumes ingame)

    Just drag the costume files you want (there are labeled folders)  to DB Xenoverse 2datacharaHUF

    if there is no HUF folder make one

    patcher required

  • event_note Changelog

    Added a "Majin" version(just renamed the files from HUF to MAF)

    X2m Options(no majin)