Female Super Saiyan 4 Bust Pack

  • description Description

    New Super Saiyan 4 Busts For Female contains

    Goku turtle hermit gi

    Whis Symbol Gi

    Whis Battle Suit

    Gohan Gi

    baby vegeta

    camo bikini (for the bikini i had to use an old bust model cause the new couldnt work with the bikini)

    zangya clothes

    Amy/Fasha battlesuit (they are the exact same)

    Ill add more Busts if you have any request/idea leave it below and ill see what i can do all oufits colorable

    ssj4 clothing colors matches base form clothing colors

  • speaker_notes Installation

    x2m and data

    Step 1. Install The x2m Step 2. Choose Your prefered say im using lazybones ss4 mod and i want the whis battle suit i would take the whis symbol files and rename them from xxx to 256 other transformation mods might have a different id.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 initial release

    1.5 added camo bikini

    2.0 added amy/fasha battlesuit

    2.5 added zangya clothes

    3.0 added baby vegeta