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    Includes FighterZ and HG shading packs.

    Required Mod: https://xenoversemods.com/mods/xenoverse-2-aura-expansion-pride-troopers-official-release/

    Fenrir, first and foremost is an OC based on the Norse Wolf God.

    In this incarnation, he's designed to be a God-killer. He doesn't bother with mortals and only seeks to kill Gods. Fenrir travels worlds and realms in search of Gods. His search has brought him to the Dragon world.

    Fenrir was designed as a boss character and as such may seem a little OP to be used normally.


    In addition to a completely custom moveset, he boasts two variations with a wide array of skills.

    Super 1: Inferno. Fenrir flies to his opponent and delivers a powerful punch. Pressing the button again will follow up with a fiery ki blast.

    Super 2: Maximum Flare. A dark ki blast.

    Super 3: Absolution. Fenrir's ki charge ability. Charge rate is moderate and also charges stamina slowly. However, during his awoken state, this becomes more potent, raising his ki and stamina faster with a small amount of health regen.

    Super 4: Demonsdance. Fenrir teleports around the arena smashing his opponent all over the place.

    Evasive 1: Condemn. A powerful explosion of ki that surrounds Fenrir.

    Evasive 2: Talon Spiral. Fenrir teleports behind the enemy and unleashes a whirlwind of ki.

    Awoken: Ragnarok. Fenrir channels more of his energy and fights more seriously.

    Ultimate 1: Scarlet Soul. Charge and Fire an un-targetable beam of energy. You can move around during the charge.

    Ultimate 2: Oblivion. Fenrir's most powerful move. Fenrir teleports (which can be directed) and unleashes a series of explosions surrounding him, while he charges a large ball of ki. The ball then fires smaller ki blasts, before Fenrir unleashes the fully charged blast.


    Coming Soon:

    Parallel and Expert Quests.

    A third variation.

    A custom ki blast type.

    Custom Super Souls

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    Just simply install the x2m for the shader of your choice.

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    1.0 Initial Release

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