Fighter Z – Reshading Pack + Resources

  • description Description

    Here is the Dragon Ball Fighter Z Shading or FZ-Reshading

    Progress: Incomplete 

    I tried to match the colors from the fighter z game to create a retexture

    hope you guys like it :3

    eh, it's been a year since the last update because I dropped modding, but I'm back and ready to "finish" this mod once per all

    Also check the CaC FZ-Reshading done by the amazing Tryzick :

  • speaker_notes Installation

    read me.txt file

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.0 -Added rest of the roster

    -Added backlight to chars with aura ( missing the yellow super saiyans yet )

    -Fixed Piccolo again :v

    -Fixed Trunks "Sword holder" and Future Trunks's pants

    -Fixed Dodoria's scouter



    Version 1.2

    -added 3 NPCs: kaioshin of time, old kaioshin and Bulma

    -revisited characters: Picollo, 16, 17, 18, Mystic Gohan, Turles, Tien, All of Buus and SSR Goku Black

    -fixed Kid Gohan's Face


    Version 1.4

    -revisited characters: Yamcha, Gotenks, Turles(again x.x), Raditz, Bardock, Vegeta Blue, Goku Black, Goku SS4, Vegeta SS4 and Goku GT (some of then are just a slitgh change on the skin tone)


    Version 1.5

    -Added DLC 5 characters: Tapion, Android 13, Buuhan and Dabura -revisited characters: Super Buu, Kid Buu


    Version 1.6

    -revisited characters: Goku Black Rosé, Hit, Bills, Frost


    Version 1.8

    -revisited characters: Goku GT(skin) Broly (hair) -Added DLC 6,7 and 8 characters -Added Demigra

    Next update:

    >Extra dlc costume roster >Masters customizable costumes