First Time Super Saiyan Transformation (SYM/SYF)

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    Welp, this is a skill that has been out on patreon pages for a while, and i don't believe it ever saw a public release.

    i decided to do my own version of it to learn how to port Demo assists.

    my version is basically the same but with a few tweaks, which was a suggestion by ChaosBeat to make the skill a bit more interesting and/or more accurate to the anime.


    so yeah. enjoy!

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  • event_noteChangelog


    initial release



    a small bug fix update:

    -fixed camera bug that seems to happen on Namek

    -the skill should now appear in the shop



    -fixed aura and eye issues (hopefully)

    -added extra input:

    during the 3rd phase of the Transformation, you can press the Heavy Attack button to "leave" the Transformation and rush the enemy