(Fixed Voice) Xeno Gogeta SSJ-SSBKx10, Fighters Z shading,Normal Shading+Cell-shading

  • description Description

    This is a Fixed and reupload version of one of my previous mods with some changes

    Credits to Tryzick for the bust

    -Transforms from ssj to ssbk to ssbkx10 (is voiced during transformation)

    -Added/Fixed the voice issue so he talks durings transformation from ssj to ssb to ssbk to SSBKx10

    Comes in 3 different shaders, Custom portrait as well for base (not for transformations)

    Fighters Z

    Cell Shade

    Normal Shading




    P.S if you make a youtube video, please send me a link :)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    click on the x2m of your choice

  • event_note Changelog

    New transformation voice

    Blue Kaioken Transformation

    different skills but are the same for all shaders

    +1 shading (Fighters Z)