Focus Flash – Only the Ki Blast Spam

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    The Focus Flash skill normally requires you to hit the enemy with a slow energy ball before you can follow up with a quick devastating barrage of ki blasts. This variation removes the slow energy ball entirely and instead immediately starts with the ki blast spam.

    I felt like this would be pretty neat edit to make because this particular barrage gives a far greater sense of power and impact then the dedicated ki blast spam supers.


    Update 1.01: I added a new variation of the move that I dubbed "Android Barrage". It fires all the ki blasts out of one hand. I wanted to have a variation for the skill that looks like it's performed effortlessly, since that seemed more appropriate for Android characters.

    Both variations of the move can be installed at the same time.

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    1.00 - Initial release

    1.01 - Added the "Android Barrage". A variation of the attack that fires the blasts with only one hand, using the animation of Ki Blast Cannon.

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