Frieza (Transformable to Golden Frieza and God of Destruction Golden Frieza)

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    After almost 5 months I finally got my lazy ass up and created this mod.

    Now besides my April mod you might have noticed that I have slowed down with modding.

    The reason for that is, that I have begun to enjoy playing certain games again, thus I spent my time on that instead of modding.

    For now I don't think that this is going to change, so I have at least the plan to release 2 more mods this year.

    Some of you might also remember the final character of 5 Mods Season 2 (Gorgon) and Mr.X. Yeah well they are no longer in development. However, if you want them, I'll just give them to you.

    Anyways, enjoy the mod.


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    1.0- Release

    1.1- Adjusted Golden Frieza Coloration, Replaced Death Psycho Bomb with Golden Death Beam.

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  • UpdatedJun 17, 2019
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