Full Powered Super Saiyan 4 Aura

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    So yeah like i said i had 4 already in hand i just needed to work out some things first before initial release.

    We finally have it! Full Powered Super Saiyan 4!

    Please leave your comments below tell me what you think!

    I try and differentiate the difference between godly ki which looks more blob like and Super Saiyan Auras to be more Spiked.

    Stuff i used:

    Some UI aura and some SS4 vanilla colors.

    The lightning as you can see is not as wild as the others. That's because in anime its not really seen as ss4 to have lightning however it is said to be a limit breaking transformation/metamorphosis. On top of that the in game aura has it so lightning has been added.



    DISCORD Deez Auras Only#5633

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    Installation details are in the READ ME note inside. You can't miss it.

    Its got everything you need even if your new, clearly and shorter.

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